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Capturing Love and Tradition: Your Dream South Asian Wedding Photography in NJ and NY | Ishan Fotografi

NJ/NY husband & wife wedding photographers specializing in vibrant South Asian weddings. Let us capture your love story & rich traditions.

Ishan and I, Preeti, can’t wait to celebrate your love story! We’re a husband and wife wedding photography team based in NJ, specializing in capturing the magic of South Asian weddings.

We Know How Much This Day Means.

We get it. Your wedding is a huge deal. It’s a vibrant tapestry woven with centuries of tradition, bursting with color, laughter, and of course, the incredible love you share with your partner. But amidst the whirlwind of planning, finding a photographer who understands the cultural significance and captures the true essence of your day can feel daunting.

We Understand the Nuances of Your Culture (and Others, Too!)

As an Indian couple ourselves, we deeply understand the intricate details and symbolism behind your traditions. But our expertise goes even further – over a decade of photographing multicultural and fusion weddings in NJ/NY has given us a unique appreciation for how different cultures beautifully intertwine. We’ll effortlessly capture the heart of your celebration, whether it’s blending traditions or showcasing a single, beautiful heritage.

Here’s Why We’re Your Perfect Match:

  • Cultural Connection: We understand the significance of every ritual, ensuring nothing important is missed. No awkward explanations needed – just stunning photos that truly reflect your traditions (check out our blog post Indian Wedding Photos with Heart: How We Capture the Real You for more on our approach!).
  • Experience You Can Trust: Years of experience photographing South Asian weddings in NJ/NY means we know the flow, anticipate key moments, and blend seamlessly into your celebration, so you can relax and fully enjoy your day. Need help creating the perfect timeline for your Indian wedding festivities? We’ve got a resource for that too: Planning NJ and NY Wedding | How to Create the Perfect Timeline for Indian Weddings.
  • Modern Storytelling: We go beyond posed photos, capturing the laughter, tears of joy, and infectious energy with a photojournalistic style that tells your unique love story in a timeless, authentic way (just like the candid photos we love to take!).
  • Stunning Imagery: We use the latest Nikon mirrorless cameras to deliver breathtaking, high-resolution photos. Our meticulous, true-to-color editing ensures your memories are preserved with vibrant accuracy.
  • Personalized Experience: From our initial consultation to the final album selection, we offer a one-on-one experience tailored to your vision. We’ll guide you through creating cherished albums and prints that reflect your style and this unforgettable day.

Let’s Chat & Make Your Dream Wedding Photography a Reality!

Photography is a big investment, and ensuring we’re the perfect fit is key. Preeti and I would love to chat! Schedule a free consultation to discuss your vision and see if our style resonates with you.

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Ishan is innovative, quick-paced & tech-savvy. Preeti is artistic with a formal education in both photography & design.

Together, we use our individual yet complementary skills & styles to create timeless photos ​​​​​​​you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Combining our strategic vision with artistic eye, we create a unique experience that reflects your personal story & meaningful photos.