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Indian Wedding Photos with Heart: How We Capture the Real You

Husband and wife photographers capturing a raw, emotional moment at a vibrant Indian wedding in NJ and NY.

As a husband and wife photography team, we know Indian weddings are a vibrant tapestry woven with love, family, and traditions. Whether you’re planning a classic Indian ceremony, a beautiful multi-cultural wedding, or a celebration that blends your heritage in a unique fusion, we understand the importance of capturing the essence of your special day. That’s why we’re passionate about creating authentic storytelling photography that reflects the emotions, cultural details, and the joy of your Indian wedding.

Let’s Get Real: Building Trust & Connection

Your Story Matters:

Before the big day arrives, we want to get to know you as a couple. What’s your love story? What elements of your Indian heritage are most important to you? Sharing this helps us tailor our photography to reflect who you truly are. Planning a multi-cultural or fusion wedding? We’d love to learn about both of your backgrounds and how you’ll be incorporating traditions from each culture into your celebration. Contact us for a free consultation!

Understanding Your Traditions:

Whether you’re planning a traditional Hindu ceremony, a Sikh wedding, or a celebration that blends elements from various backgrounds, we take the time to understand the rituals and customs that mean the most to you. This is how we capture those breathtaking details and those quiet, meaningful moments.

The Beauty of Real Moments

Eyes Open:

Our cameras are ready for those spontaneous bursts of laughter, the happy tears, and all the genuine emotions that make your wedding day so magical. Imagine reliving those candid moments of joy for years to come. Let’s chat about how we can capture the real you on your wedding day in New Jersey or New York!

Forget the Poses:

Of course, we’ll get some beautiful portraits, but our focus is on the real stuff – the hugs, the stolen glances, the pure, unfiltered joy of your celebration.

Details That Say “This is Us”

Close-up of intricate henna designs, highlighting the beauty and cultural significance of Indian wedding traditions in New Jersey.

From the intricate patterns of your henna to the vibrant colors of your wedding attire, every detail tells a story about you. We make sure to capture those close-ups that highlight the beauty and symbolism within your traditions. Planning a multi-cultural or fusion wedding? We’ll capture the unique ways you’re blending traditions and celebrating your heritage together.

Two Sets of Eyes: A Complete Picture of Your Day

Being a husband and wife team has a huge advantage! We can be in two places at once, capturing different perspectives and never missing a special moment. It means a more complete and dynamic story of your wedding day, from both sides of your families.

We Want Your Photos to Feel Like Home

Years from now, we want you to look back at your Indian wedding photos and feel a rush of those same emotions. The love, the joy, the warmth of your family traditions – that’s what we strive to capture. If you’re looking for photographers who go beyond posed smiles and create images that feel authentically you – whether it’s a classic Indian wedding, a multi-cultural celebration, or a beautiful fusion – we’d love to connect!

“Ishan & Preeti captured the essence of our wedding day so beautifully. Their photos make us feel like we’re reliving those special moments all over again!” – Priya & Kevin

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Ishan is innovative, quick-paced & tech-savvy. Preeti is artistic with a formal education in both photography & design.

Together, we use our individual yet complementary skills & styles to create timeless photos ​​​​​​​you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Combining our strategic vision with artistic eye, we create a unique experience that reflects your personal story & meaningful photos.