Planning a Wedding in NJ? Here is Why Your Wedding Photographer Should Help You with Your Timeline

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If you’re like most couples we photograph, you want to get all of the photos you want of your wedding day — and enjoy it to its fullest (i.e., spending time celebrating, not taking photos).

But how does that dynamic work? How can you ensure that all of the moments – big, small, seen, unseen – are captured without feeling exhausted?

First of all, if you’re considering us as your photographers or you’ve already booked us – there’s no need to worry! You’re already headed in the right direction. 

Second, there’s a powerful key that unlocks the door to your big-day dreams. And once you have this key, the rest will all fall into place. 

What is this magical key we’re talking about?

The wedding day timeline!

Let us show you why the timeline is an essential element. And how your photographer can (and should!) help you create one. 

Why a Wedding Timeline is Important 

Hair and makeup. The florist. The DJ or band – a timeline is helpful for nearly everyone involved in the wedding. It’s a detailed schedule that spells out the who, what, when, and where of your day. And it ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal: Creating a successful day for you!

Overall, it helps to:

Provide Structure. Wedding days are a flurry of activities. Add in all the different decor and vendors coming in, it can be quite the production. But to keep the production fun and flowing, you need some behind-the-scenes structure. And that’s where the timeline really comes in handy.

It’s a simple but effective way to layout the day. Your vendors will know when and where they need to be. What they should be setting up. And when they need to come back to break it all down.

Set Expectations. Sometimes couples have this idea that it doesn’t take much time to get beautiful and candid photos. That their photographer should be able to quickly snap, snap, snap – and move on to the next thing.

But the truth is, they do take time. At least, more than a few minutes to get the natural, lively, romantic images you want. 

The wedding timeline will give you a better understanding of how long specific photos take. And when moments like sunset or the coveted golden hour takes place, so that you can get those beautiful outdoor photos you want.

When we help create your photography timeline, we’re always honest and realistic about expectations to help you avoid as much stress as possible. And it’s also why we add in some extra padding to the timeline. So, if everything is going according to plan, you’ll have some spare time to do what you want to do – whether that’s taking a breather or taking more photos. And if we’re running a little behind – be it the hair and makeup team took a little longer than planned or a family member was late – you won’t feel stressed out.

Ease Stress. Speaking of stress – obviously, it’s something you want to avoid as much as possible on your wedding day. Which is another reason a well-planned, detailed timeline comes in handy.

With your timeline in hand, you’ll be able to visualize how the day will flow, making a massive difference in how you feel the day-of. You won’t have to question “what’s next?” or “where should we be right now?” You’ll already know. And with the help of expert wedding photographers like us, we’ll remind you of that and keep you on track.

Creating a Timeline with a Photographer

Now that you know how important a wedding timeline is, you might be wondering who creates this thing. You? Your venue? Your wedding planner? Your photographer?

First and foremost, while you can go the DIY route or download a template from Wedding Wire or The Knot, we highly encourage that you hire a wedding planner or coordinator. There are hundreds of reasons why you should. And creating a timeline is one of them.

But when you do hire a planner or coordinator, we’ll still encourage you (and them) to include us in the process.

Why? Because while a planner’s job is to think of all vendors, our job is to ensure you get the photos you want. And, depending on the planner’s experience, they may not know how much time we need to provide those pictures for you. 

Another reason we like to be involved is, alongside your planner or coordinator (and maybe a videographer), we’re the only other vendors who will be with you ALL DAY. We understand how long each event will take – including the little things other vendors won’t think about. And the amount of time needed for family formals – which depending on how many people there are, can range from 3-4 minutes per grouping. 

From experience, we also know to add in buffer time for when/if a malfunction occurs. Such as zippers sticking or buttons needing to be re-sown. 

Aside from meticulously planning ahead, having a photographer build your timeline ensures you get all the beautiful photos you want. Because we work closely with you and are mindful of your priorities, we can ensure there is plenty of time for everything from first looks to last dances. 

Timeline Assistance from Ishan Fotografi

Working with us means you’ll get the pictures you want while still having time to spend with family and friends. And we’ll create a realistic and structured timeline to make sure this happens. 

We hope these tips have helped ease your anxiety and shown you that it is absolutely possible to squeeze every juicy moment out of your wedding day and STILL get all of the photos you want. 

If you would like help building your wedding timeline with photography in mind, contact us. We are here to help in almost any way we can!

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