Julie & Paul. What can we say about this absolutely adorable couple!? They were simply beautiful together and complimented each other in ways that we could hardly attempt to describe in words. They are both, warm, funny, adventurous, laid-back, friendly, and welcoming. We were doubly fortunate and honored to be the photographers for their massive wedding celebrations; a wedding at the Harvest on Hudson in NY and a wedding at the Hacienda Pozo Chico in Bogota, Colombia. However, before the wedding, comes the engagement shoot and theirs was, perhaps, one of the most memorable shoots for a few reasons.

Summer love.

To begin with, Paul and Julie chose a very intriguing location which truly reflected what they were all about; Paul, a hunter by passion and Julie, a nature lover. Rockwood Hall State Park showed their passion which reflected in all the pictures of the newly engaged. On the other hand, we were thrilled because we were going to discover a new place, but as a photographer there’s nothing more exciting when you arrive in the heart of spellbinding nature. Turned out, this was Paul’s favorite location. He visited the park often (clearly) and knew that the light was just right in the late afternoons and boy, was he right!

Mesmerizing backdrop.


A beautiful day to hike.

We hiked a few trails and arrived at a sea of tall grass field filled abundantly with the golden sunlight. What better frame than this? We captured some mesmerizing photographs there before moving on and as we’re writing this, we can’t resist, but mention yet again what a fun couple they were! They truly adored each other and their love spoke of their respect for each other; their personalities fun & laid back - a perfect combination that helped us make undeniably a very romantic and beautiful engagement shoot.

Fun couple.

In love.

More about this gem of a location, Rockwood Hall State Park also has some old architectural structures - a score for the photographers. The rustic charm that the old stone bricks can bring is unparalleled and as photographers, we never miss this chance.

Love summer evenings; perfect for photography.

Beautiful open landscapes at the park.

As the sun began to set, we made our way to an open field and as we speak to you of this serene place from our eidetic memory, we find ourselves still mesmerized. Every corner we turned, we found yet another unique opportunity in the nest of nature. The photograph below is one of our favorites of all times; the gleaming summer sun pouring its warm golden light through the woods, tall green grass and a couple in love.


While writing of this heart-warming summer engagement shoot during a typical brutal winter time of the East coast, we were reminded that we’re also equally blessed with fascinating summer. The sun takes its time to fade away into a mystic, colorful sky. Couple that with the varied landscapes of the Tri-state and our curious imagination and vision! :)

Glimmering sun.

Hudson river.

We hit a few more parks by the Hudson river as the dusk was taking over; a time that we eagerly wait for and a time that we use cautiously and cleverly. We took a silhouette that wrapped up the day on a note that could aptly summarize this artistic engagement shoot for our lovely couple.

A beautiful silhouette photograph of Paul & Julie.

Next, stay tuned for the couple’s elegant wedding on the Hudson and then of course, their stunningly cinematic, intimate and welcoming destination wedding at Colombia!!

Thank you for letting us share our experience and joy of shooting.

Ishan Fotografi is a professional NJ wedding photographer based out of Clifton, NJ. Our wedding photography can be described as intimate, natural and documentary. We have been a NJ wedding photographer specializing in wedding photography for over five years. Photographing weddings around New Jersey, New York, Hamptons, Long Island, Pennsylvania and destination weddings has given us tremendous experience photographing weddings from a variety of different religions and cultures including Catholic weddings, Indian weddings, Chinese weddings, Jewish weddings, Greek weddings, Turkish weddings to name a few. Being in New Jersey, we have had the opportunity to be in and around New York City and photographing some of the most beautiful weddings. We love photographing engagement shoots around Hoboken, NJ and Brooklyn, NY.

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