Nirmal & Tajalli - Fall engagement shoot

While discovering the back roads of New Hope town in Pennsylvania.

The other reason why we love shooting in Fall is also because of the sunlight; which disperses evenly due to mild cloud coverage.

This winter does not seem to be ending anytime soon so we decided to write a little blog post about a fall engagement session we did last year. Maybe that will help you stay positive about the upcoming beautiful weather.

We shot this fun loving couple, Nirmal & Tajalli, at two different locations; we started at 7 lakes drive which is very close to Bear mountain in New York. The scenery is beautiful around these parts and its fun to explore the wilderness. They both enjoy outdoor activities and this location was perfect for the outdoor look which we wanted to achieve. Fall was at its peak so we had a beautiful foliage around us and some of the lakes are very easy and safe to reach to. The parts around 7 lakes drive are also great for camping and there are many spots to hike, cycle around or relax by the lake.

Nirmal made us all laugh a lot during the shoot! It is fairly easy to get close to the lakes. 

Beautiful fall foliage around 7 lakes drive, NY.

Nirmal and Tajalli also love exploring small boutique coffee and tea shops. Their first date was at a boutique tea shop in Montclair, New Jersey which goes by the name Insanitea. We headed to a small yet elegant town of New Hope in Pennsylvania. We roamed around the town, visited a coffee shop and enjoyed a warm and beautiful Fall day while taking pictures in the back allies and outside other boutique shops. The area around New Hope is beautiful as well and we found so many gorgeous locations to explore and make beautiful pictures.

Beautiful foliage coverage surrounded us.

Discovering boutique shops in New Hope town, Pennsylvania.

Back allies of New Hope town, Pennsylvania.

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