Destination weddings - they are special to us for so many reasons. The amount of energy, efforts, coordination and of course, the extra financial investment made by the couples themselves.

The results are equally rewarding; you make unique memories as a result of your special destination and from our experience, it's very well worth it. Not only you have the option to choose a location which moves and excites you, but you are also facilitating an opportunity for your friends and family to have an unforgettable experience and perhaps, visit a country which they have never been to!

Our experience with destination weddings in Colombia, Jamaica, India to name a few; have been especially exciting. Not to say that the local weddings are any less exciting, but we find that the destination weddings carry a different charge in the atmosphere. Everyone is away from home so it's more like a vacation and destination weddings tend be very intimate. You are surrounded by folks who are close to you, love you and have made an extra effort to be at your wedding which is very admirable.

Paul & Julie had their first wedding at the Harvest on Hudson, NY. You can check out the photos from that wedding here.

However, their second wedding location was at the bride's hometown, the electric Bogota, Colombia. Our experience was simply spectacular; the culture, food, people and of course, both Paul & Julie's families were very welcoming. We made some new friends and had the opportunity to explore the city of Bogota during our visit. Without further ado let's begin with some photographs of the gorgeous location that the couples chose for their destination wedding, Hacienda Pozo Chico.

As always, we started with photographing our stunning bride getting ready. 

We went straight to the first look after the bride was ready. We always encourage our bride and groom to allot some time for a proper first look. You get the opportunity to spend some quality time before the wedding and is a great way to unwind some stress with your partner. That's not to say that you cannot skip the first look session; some couples choose to skip it and that is totally fine.

While making our way to the ceremony location we quickly snapped away some beautiful images of the bride. The location was filled with rustic details and we incorporated them in our style. Our bride also planned her day smartly and reserved time throughout the day. Doing so allows you to keep up with the schedule even when things are running slightly late. If you are not running late you can still take advantage of the extra time built up and put it towards other things. In this case, we explored the space on our way to the horse cart and photographed the bride by herself and we are so glad we did!

Right after the ceremony, we photographed some portraits of the bride and the groom; followed by the reception.

Paul & Julie, thank you for giving us the honor to photograph both your weddings, welcoming us with open hearts and giving us an unforgettable experience. 

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