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As the husband and wife duo behind Ishan Fotografi, we are excited you stopped by!

We feel unbelievably fortunate to be able to do something we love…and to do it together is the icing on the (wedding) cake! We started Ishan Fotografi six years ago to share our love of both photography and people.

Wedding photography is not just capturing a moment on a camera but telling a narrative through an image. A simple smile can tell a story of love, amusement, or affection.

We immerse ourselves in your wedding festivities, providing a beautifully captured memento of the wedding day for the couple who often are so busy they miss some of the special moments. We only photograph a handful of weddings every year because we want to be able to spend 100% of our attention on you, ensuring you don’t miss anything from your wedding day.

Heirloom photographs are our goal with every wedding we photograph. We know you will want to share your special day with future generations.


My wife Preeti helped develop my love of photography. Her artistic vision and desire to get exactly the right shot is contagious.

I love everything about weddings: the energy, people, culture, and family rituals are all a pleasure for me to photograph. No two weddings are the same and I love creating unique images so you can remember the joy of the day. Combined with my patience, it allows me to capture photos with a unique perspective. It’s like telling your story without speaking any words. My joy of photographing weddings is made stronger because I work on every wedding with my wife. Preeti’s dedication and enjoyment of shooting weddings makes it so much more fun for me.

I love anything tech related, destination weddings (feel free to invite me as a guest!) and motorcycles. And coffee. I really love coffee, especially when Preeti makes it for me!



I grew up surrounded by various forms of art, and I fell in love with photography when I was 16. I’ve always enjoyed creating a photograph that not only looks beautiful, but that tells a story. And stories are what we capture on your wedding day! There are fewer days that are so filled with joy, happiness, and beauty, and I delight in collecting those moments so you can enjoy them for many years.

While taking my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Master’s in Communication Design, I began appreciating the art of photography. Because photography is so much more than a camera – it’s lighting, backgrounds, and capturing the emotions you are feeling at that one particular time. I love rituals, wedding related or not. Most weddings contain some sort of ritual or tradition, whether it’s religious, familial, or a new tradition between the couple. And I enjoy capturing that to relive forever.

I also appreciate graphic design (you can see a glimpse of it on the Ishan Fotografi logo design). I really enjoy the ritualistic characteristics I associate with coffee, since I love choosing the right beans, brewing techniques, and everything in between. It’s the taste I’m undecided about…

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Ishan Fotografi

Ishan Fotografi is a professional NJ wedding photographer based out of Clifton, NJ. Our wedding photography can be described as intimate, natural and documentary. We have been a NJ wedding photographer specializing in wedding photography for over five years. Photographing weddings around New Jersey, New York, Hamptons, Long Island, Pennsylvania and destination weddings has given us tremendous experience photographing weddings from a variety of different religions and cultures including Catholic weddings, Indian weddings, Chinese weddings, Jewish weddings, Greek weddings, Turkish weddings to name a few. Being in New Jersey, we have had the opportunity to be in and around New York City and photographing some of the most beautiful weddings. We love photographing engagement shoots around Hoboken, NJ and Brooklyn, NY.