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Weddings are intimate. Weddings are emotional. Weddings are amazing. One of the greatest joys in the world is to unite with someone whom you truly love. The atmosphere surrounding weddings is almost surreal. Sometimes chaotic but in that chaos is where we see these brilliant flashes of emotions, love and drama (the good kind). It always inspires us and never seizes to amaze us.

Our vision is to create heirloom pictures for you to savor and hand them down for the many generations to come. Our pictures are warm and have a very natural, authentic feeling to them. Photographing only a handful of weddings every year allows us to provide a boutique experience to each couple we have the honor to photograph.



My pursuit of photography stems from my wife, Preeti. Pursuing wedding photography was not the most obvious choice for me when graduating from Montclair State University majoring in Biology which feels like eons ago. Although, I was always surrounded by photography, thanks to Preeti, my passion and love for wedding photography only grew stronger. I will be eternally thankful to her for handing me the camera and providing me the courage and support.

Needless to say I love everything about weddings. The energy, people, culture, unique family rituals and above all the honor to witness it all and photograph it. I also love coffee, anything tech related, record players, destination weddings (wouldn’t mind being a guest either!) and motorcycles.



I have always been surrounded and inspired by various forms of arts. Photography is one of the most powerful means to capture and depict a multitude of emotions. While pursuing my bachelors in fine arts and later masters in communication design, photography has always been an integral part of my core workflow. Being together with Ishan, we both quickly realized how much we loved photographing weddings. I love capturing details of the day, helping the bride and most importantly capturing pure emotions.

I also love typography & lettering, you can see the glimpse of it in Ishan fotografi logo design. I too have started enjoying coffee and I am still in the learning phase. The whole process of choosing the right beans, different techniques to brew them and everything in between intrigues me. FYI Ishan loves coffee because I brew it ;).


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Ishan Fotografi

Ishan Fotografi is a professional NJ wedding photographer based out of Clifton, NJ. Our wedding photography can be described as intimate, natural and documentary. We have been a NJ wedding photographer specializing in wedding photography for over five years. Photographing weddings around New Jersey, New York, Hamptons, Long Island, Pennsylvania and destination weddings has given us tremendous experience photographing weddings from a variety of different religions and cultures including Catholic weddings, Indian weddings, Chinese weddings, Jewish weddings, Greek weddings, Turkish weddings to name a few. Being in New Jersey, we have had the opportunity to be in and around New York City and photographing some of the most beautiful weddings. We love photographing engagement shoots around Hoboken, NJ and Brooklyn, NY.