+ What is your preferred photography style for weddings?

Modern, creative and unobtrusive with a photojournalistic flair. We will guide you whenever necessary but won’t overwhelm you. We prefer to capture and reflect your personalities, love and respect for your partner in the most pure yet elegant form.

+ Do you provide engagement session?

Yes! Our engagement sessions are fun and pretty laid back.

+ What are the advantages of engagement session?

First and foremost, you get to hang out with us! We understand that a lot of couples have never been professionally photographed before and if you have been this will be a great opportunity to warm up before the big day. Engagement session gives us the opportunity to make you comfortable in front of the camera and also understand what works for you best. Plus, you end up with great images which you can use for Save the date cards, Thank you cards and a whole lot of other things!

+ Will you be the ones shooting our wedding/engagement session?

Absolutely! Every photograph that you see on this website and on our social media pages is shot by either one of us two.

+ How many pictures can we expect from our wedding day?

The number of photographs we provide depends on numerous factors. The number of hours we are hired for is one of the key factors. Our priority is to provide you amazing quality pictures. You can expect 60 to 80 photographs per hour. We never limit ourselves while shooting and you'll receive all the best shots when we deliver it to you. We would love to show you some entire wedding galleries!

+ Do you edit all the pictures before you give it to us?

Yes, every single picture. We personally hand edit every photograph. We never use “batch process” to edit your photographs and we never outsource photographs for editing.

+ Can we get the un-edited pictures which are not included in the final cut?

Unfortunately, no. We spend a considerable amount of time to make sure that the best photographs are chosen, processed and provided to our clients. We will include everything as long as they are not duplicates, out of focus, too bright, too dark or someone's in front of the camera, etc.

+ When will we get our pictures?

Wedding sneak peek is ready within 2 to 3 weeks of your wedding day. Rest of the photos are ready in approximately 6 weeks or even earlier. We try our best to deliver it as early as possible without compromising on quality.

+ So, do we have the copyrights of the pictures?

You will receive a print release to all the photographs but you do not own the copyrights. Print release will allow you to make unlimited copies for your personal use and to share it with your friends and family.

+ Are you insured?

Yes we are!

+ What kind of cameras do you use?

We use professional Nikon cameras. We also have backup equipment which we carry with us.

+ What happens if you are unable to provide services on the day of the event?

Unless it is a dire situation we will be present to photograph your events. In case of serious emergencies we will try our best to provide you with a substitute photographer of equal caliber to have you covered.

+ Do you provide video/cinematography services?

Still and video photography are two distinct forms of art. Professionals spend countless years to perfect and master it. We only provide photography services but we will be happy to recommend a few professionals who provide exceptional video services.

+ What if we choose to hire a different videographer other than your recommendations?

No problem! We have worked with numerous professionals and we know how to make it work. We are great team players.

+ Do you travel for photography and how much do you charge?

Of course we do! We have traveled to Bogota, Colombia; Jamaica and India to photograph beautiful weddings. Please use the contact form to reach out to us and find out more.