When you start searching for a wedding photographer, you’re sure to come across terms or buzzwords that help describe a photographer’s style. Words like:

  • Light and airy
  • Dark and moody
  • Timeless
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Documentary
  • Photojournalistic
  • Editorial
  • Fine art

When it comes to style, there is no right or wrong approach. Just as there are no good or bad choices. It’s purely a personal preference.

Naturally, you’ll gravitate towards the styles you find aesthetically pleasing. After all, you want to love how your wedding photos look. 

But we like to think of style as something that transcends the aesthetic element. And instead, is something that plays a profound role in your overall photography experience. 

This is why our signature style is a mixture of timeless and modern. And why we’ve blended the two together to create a unique style for personal photos our couples love now. And in 20 years.

Want an inside peek as to how we do that? 

Here are the details on how (and why) we create wedding images to look the way they do. 

The Timeless Touch

Photographs are like time capsules revisited over a long period of time, sometimes by multiple generations far in the future. Most people can look at an old photo and loosely tell when it was taken, mainly because of the clothing. But also by the style of posing and camera technology’s limitations on capturing color, movement, definition, details, etc.

We want the photos we create for you to stay relevant regardless of their era. Which we primarily do by capturing the raw emotions of the day as they unfold. 

We strategically create elegantly posed portraits while capturing a couple’s natural chemistry together. Which results in images that capture their personalities both as individuals and as a couple.

Our goal is to document this essence. And, to us, that is what makes a photo truly timeless.

the palace somerset park wedding photos

the palace somerset park wedding photos

The Modern Twist

Most couples who hire us as their photographers DON’T want awkward, cheesy, or heavily posed photos. If we had to guess, you probably want the same thing. 

Instead of those posed photos of the past, you want images that accurately portray your chemistry together. Such as lifestyle photos and poses that show your joy and comfort with one another. Right?!

This is where the modern element of our signature style comes into play – and our ability to capture the in-between moments and emotions shared by your and your families. It’s moment-driven and filled with unfiltered, raw emotions.

We also use our technical ability along with artificial lighting to capture the environment, views, and landscapes on a grander scale. We mold and manipulate the scene to make it more appealing. And fine-tune it to precisely what you envision. 

If we have time on your wedding day (and if it suits your style), we also like to create a Vanity Fair moment during portraits – strategically posing the members of your wedding party to create depth and visual interest.

new jersey wedding photographer

new jersey wedding photographer

Creating Our Signature Style

One of the most important questions we’ll first ask you on our initial call is what kind of photos do you like? Why? Because it helps us understand which direction to go in. 

For example, maybe you love the look of images with natural light. Or perhaps you prefer something more dramatic. A combination of both is also cool too!

Through posing techniques, location suggestions, and wardrobe recommendations, we’ll guide you and, in turn, create the images you like and want – while incorporating our own artistic style into the mix.

Here’s what we mean:

New Jersey Photographer

New Jersey Photographer


We take specific care to put you in flattering poses. But it’s not enough for you to look flattering if you’re also not comfortable. Because if you feel awkward or uncomfortable at any point, it will show in your face and body language – and, ultimately, in your photos. 

This is one of the reasons we invest so much time in getting to know you before the big day. So that when it arrives, we can better notice when something isn’t quite working.

If that happens, we’ll quickly switch up the pose or pose for you as an example. As a husband and wife team, this style of direction comes naturally to us – and is often extremely helpful for you. All you have to do is mimic what you see. And voila! You get great, natural-looking images.

We also pay attention to your height differences, natural chemistry, and body language to put you in natural and flattering poses. And we make it a point to interact with you consistently without making you awkwardly stand in front of the camera.

Additionally, we’ll provide positive feedback and specific directions when needed. And show you the photos on the back of the camera so you can see just how amazing you look.

wedding photographer new jersey

wedding photographer new jersey


After we know the look and feel you’re going for in your pictures, we’ll talk about the locations of your pictures. And we’ll happily provide suggestions to help you find the right ones. 

Finding the right place is especially important for engagement photos and getting the vibe right. After all, an urban setting will look and feel much different than a natural, scenic one.

New Jersey Wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photography


We’ll offer guidance on attire, which can come in handy for both engagement and wedding photos. Most couples have never had their photos professionally taken together and have no idea what to wear. And since we’ve done this a time or two (or hundreds!), we’ll happily help in this department.

What we recommend will depend on the season and location, as well as the look and feel, you want in your photos. But we’ll always suggest wearing what you feel most comfortable and confident in.

For more helpful information on what to wear, check out our blog Engagement Session Tips: How to Prepare and How to Use Your Photos.

Wedding Photographer nyc

Wedding Photographer nyc


Our editing style intentionally keeps the colors of the moment and, most importantly, your skin tones authentic-looking. But before we ever sit down to edit your photos, we first concentrate on the lighting of the people/moment/detail that we’re capturing.

In some circumstances, we use artificial lighting to maintain high-quality balance and contrast. Other times, we avoid using too much artificial light because, with it, it may completely alter the scene. 

It’s all about striking a balance. Not too bright, not too dark. Just right. 

Wedding Photography NYC

Wedding Photography NYC

If you’ve taken a look at our photos and love the timeless and modern style we’ve created, we’d be honored to photograph your wedding! Let’s team up!